Psychology of a suit: The Job Interview

Job interviews are a tricky business. Playing the numbers game, out of the hundreds or thousands of applicants, there's a slim chance that you are truly the best choice they have. Then, there are those nerves - those wretched nerves that can turn a great interview into a not-a-chance-in-hell interview, just by one question. So how does a suit help, and which suit, in particular, is the best way to go?

Psychologically, a man in a sharp suit seems more determined than other men. It seems that success is his only option. He looks like someone who knows what he wants and how to get it. A suit gives him a certain amount of power. When negotiating, there is nothing showing a man’s point more clearly than a well-tailored suit. A suit demands respect from others. 

What does data say?

Meanwhile, arbitration service Acas reports a poll showing that 65% of employees find it easier to respect their future colleague when wearing a suit, because dressing for work is all about your attitude towards other people.

Maybe casual Friday was in fact a fraud imposed on office people by bosses who were too much influenced by those overly-freethinking teachers who told them, “No, you shouldn’t call me Mr. Smith. I’m just Bill.

Anyway, the truth is: smart dressing takes an effort. A bit of formality shows you’re taking your clients and your colleagues seriously. A business meeting isn’t like a drink with friends. If you want it to feel different, you should also look different.

What does colour psychology say?

Then there's the colour of the suit: in my opinion, blue is the most modern tailoring colour. Perhaps your instinct tells you to go for black, but that colour evokes the feeling of leadership, something that might come off as too strong - too competitive.

If anything, go for blue, because it shows that you're a team player. Blue is reliable and responsible and exhibits an inner security and confidence. 

According to color psychology, it represents sincerity, reservedness and calmth. Blue reduces stress, creating a sense of calmness, relaxation and order. Last but not least, the colour represents both an intellectual and functional complexity. 

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