Accessories for the true gentleman

Men’s accessories are small add-ons to the outfit. They can really bring out your personality and introduce a dash of color to your look. On the downside, accessories can also break the entire outfit when worn wrong. Let me share with you some of my favorite accessories and how I like to wear them.

The pocket square 

In the ‘Golden days’ a man would provide his handkerchief to a lady who is suddenly overcome with emotion. These days, the pocket square is not used for anything else but show. In my opinion, the handkerchief in the jacket’s breast pocket is the new tie. Ties are being worn less and less, but the desire to ‘spice up’ a suit remains. A colorful pocket square in cashmere, silk or a cotton blend, is the perfect finishing touch to your look. My personal favorite color for a handkerchief is white, for the crisp freshness it adds.


A scarf

Use a scarf to make your suit appear a bit less informal. I’m personally a huge fan of cashmere scarfs: they’re soft as a cloud and fall beautifully around your upper body. A scarf is one of those accessories that is functional as well, as it provides just the right amount of protection when there’s a soft breeze coming through. Or when you’re on a plane and need an extra dose of comfort. Whether you opt for a scarf with a print or in a monochrome color, depends on your personal style. 




Loafers, loafers and loafers: that’s my shoe collection for you. Also, the classic sockless look is my go to – regardless of the season. For instance, today (a chilly day in December) I’m wearing my midnight blue suede loafers, from our made to measure collection. In my opinion loafers go with any of my suits and look good in every occasion. That said, you don’t have to throw away all of your shoes after reading this, just make sure that you wear polished and neat shoes.



A watch 

‘I do not need a clock because I have phone?’ Well, let me tell you: a true gentleman continues to wear a wristwatch. They’re simply a sign of style and a form of self-expression. My advice for getting a wristwatch: opt for the best quality, but an understated design. With that in mind, my preferred brand is F.P. Journe. Its popularity is not as widespread as that of Rolex for example; therefore, it oozes this type of understated luxury targeted at connoisseurs.



Till next time,
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