The Perfect Shirt: A Smooth Lift-Off to Success

When taking a plane, the departure is only the beginning of the journey. In this sense, getting yourself measured and buying your first tailored suit is comparable to your personal departure in style: it's the beginning of a never-ending journey. From a suit, you go to your first shirt, and so on follows a list of essentials that all require a decent amount of time to finding the best version of. But one thing has always stayed the same. Every man should have at least one good quality, crisp white shirt in his wardrobe.

If your suit is the departure, where you taxi down the runway, the perfect shirt is like a smooth lift-off. However, there is this misconception that white shirts are for formal events only. The truth is, the white shirt is one of the basic elements of any man’s wardrobe, an indispensable item that can virtually go with every outft, from casual to formal, pairing it with a dark suit or a pair of jeans.

Just like a suit, there are certainly guidelines. Take a look at the illustration bellow the next time you go shopping for a white shirt, and I will make sure you won't go home unsatisfied:

Now there isn't a rule of thumb to the perfect collar: more a matter of personal taste, as some collars are better for certain types of faces. For example, point collars work better for round faces and spread collars are better for narrow faces. Different collar styles also give your shirt a very personal sartorial touch.

So the next time you buy a suit, let me know the results. Every time I see a client of ours wear and enjoy the suit I measured and designed for them, there's a bit of pride and joy that comes with it.

Matter of fact, tag me in your photo whenever you took my advice and it helped. My personal account is @ButchTailors, and I post daily photos of the places I visit and people I meet.

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