Love at First Suit

During this wedding season, being single and ready to mingle isn't the easiest situation to be in. And wearing the right suit to a wedding can mean the difference between charming the bridesmaids and lonesomely listening to grandma about the issues of aging (and not being ready to mingle). So here's why a tailor-made suit should be hanging in your closet this summer:

A suit is without a doubt the best-looking piece of clothing in any man’s wardrobe. So many men love wearing a suit because of its power to make a man stride with pride. The right suit makes a man attractive and induces self-confidence and swag. But equally important: Men in suits are simply more appealing to women, and in a broader sense, to other people.

Suits project success

A man in a sharp suit seems more determined than other men. It seems that success is his only option. He looks like someone who knows what he wants and how to get it. A suit gives him a certain amount of power. When negotiating, there is nothing showing a man’s point more clearly than a well-tailored suit. A suit demands respect from others.

Suits compliment a man’s body

People tend to perceive that a man in a suit is attractive. Why? A good suit makes the shoulders look stronger, resulting in a more masculine figure. A great advantage of suits is that they can hide the imperfections around the tummy that men might have, creating the illusion of a fitter body. When tailored correctly, a suit can also make men look taller, which, again, makes them more attractive. A suit simply enhances a man’s figure.

Suits give you the right style

A man in a suit will always look elegant and stylish regardless of the occasion. Even if trends are sometimes shifting towards more casual looks, nothing can beat a suit in any circumstance. The truth is that a man can wear a suit to any place: during a date, at the office, while with friends having a drink and of course at formal events. A suited man shows people that he cares about the way he looks and he does his best to look good. Being a man who cares about these details is really appealing.

Suits are timeless and never go out of fashion

A well-tailored suit that brings out the best in a man, as well as a man that brings out the best of a well-tailored suit will never go out of fashion. There might be some aspects of the tailoring that seem a bit retro, but the suit itself will always look good. Maybe that is why women like men in suits so much: the right suit is a true classic piece that men can wear without trying too hard. Opting for a suit also suggests good taste, which translates into a pleasant personality.

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