Star colors for this winter

It’s so tempting to stay in the warm cocoon of black and grey during the cold winter months. But by wearing these rich, winter-proof colors, you will not only brighten up your outfit, but also light up your mood.


1. Navy blue

You’ve heard me say it before and you’ll hear me say it a million times more: navy blue belongs in any man’s wardrobe. It is timeless, simple, elegant and incredibly versatile. Not many men realize it, but navy blue is just as interchangeable as black or grey. It has the ability to be paired with a vast array of other shades, including all the colors below.


2. Burgundy

Wine definitely helps you beat those winter chills… but it won’t (just) be in your wine glass. Deep, full reds add warmth and richness to your look that can translate to a premium feel. It is often used to boost a neutral look; I love the combination of wine red with navy or grey. Definitely look into a burgundy knit tie this season, it makes for a perfect winter accessory and completes a warm winter look. Chin chin!


3. Olive green

Historically, olive green was reserved for military outfits, making it a true power color for the colder months. It might be slightly challenging to pair outfits including this shade; I’d suggest combining olive green with camel or brown. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a larger green item, stick to the finer details: a pocket square, a scarf or a belt will do the trick.


4. Camel brown

Forget black, camel brown is your neutral du saison! This sandy hue is the ultimate classic chic: it already was in 1960s and remains so today. Trendy and timeless: check and check. Camel brown is the perfect neutral for any color palette – it complements all color schemes, ranging from navy to wine. If you are unsure about camel brown, opt for a classic camel coat and gradually introduce other sandy items to your wardrobe.


5. Winter white

Men are wary of wearing a whole lot of white, especially in winter time (apart from underwear maybe) – and that’s a shame. I’m all for ‘winter white’: a shade that’s an off-white rather than a pure white. I think it looks incredibly chic! Also, make sure to pay attention to the material if you consider wearing white during winter. Go for heavier fabrics like wool to prevent the look of someone who just wandered away from a Jamaican holiday.

Until next time,
Your tailor

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