The ultimate 7 tips for success


What’s success? One person might define success as not having to work more than 40 hours a week, another person might define it as having a million dollars in the bank account. Just like there is not one fixed definition for success, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula to get it. However, I do strongly believe that these next tips have all contributed to me living a successful life – and might do the same for you.


1. Focus on emotional and not material satisfaction

Sure, money is important and we need, but it cannot ever become your main drive. Clichés are there for a reason (they’re true), so here’s one for you: happiness cannot be bought in a store. Happiness comes from doing what you’re good at, pursuing your goals and living your life with passion.


2. Know what you’re worth

You need to know your skills, respect them, but never oversell yourself and what you can deliver. Sometimes clients tell me I’m a little costly, but I know that I’m the best in my industry, I fly over to see them, I design their entire wardrobe with the best fabrics – all this has a price. But I never charge one euro more than what’s correct.


3. Stay humble

My father told me to put things into perspective and to remind myself to stay grateful. I don’t ever take my success for granted: the trips I go on, the fantastic people I get to meet… I pinch myself daily.


4. Know the value of 1 euro

It’s no secret that most of my clients are wealthy. Therefore it might surprise you that despite of their richness, they will carefully watch how every single one of their hard-earned euros is spent. To think that a rich person just throws with money, is a rigid misconception.


5. Have boundaries

An often-seen attitude in creative people, is that they go crazy with money once they have it. Thank god I have a great team of accountants and a very money-smart wife, who I consult all the time. If I spot a luxurious watch, I look at my wife; if she shakes her head, I forget about it and know I have to work towards buying it. Staying realistic with your finances is key.


6. Focus on long-term goals

Quick gratification in my business would be selling one expensive suit and that’s that. But as I told you before, I focus on emotional satisfaction. So this means building a relationship with clients, making the effort to fly over to them, being there when they need me. This approach results in fantastic relations with clients that have lasted for years – very rewarding indeed.


7. Learn from people around you

My clients are often specialists in what they do and I’m eager to learn from them. It’s very interesting to hear them speak about art or to exchange tips on where to eat in London. Conversations like this motivate me enormously! On the other hand I’ve also learned a lot from my brother – a true business titan – and my dad.


Till next time,
Your tailor

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