5 myths of men’s style

Some traditional style rules exist for a reason. For instance: good fit is essential. However, there are a handful of myths that a lot of men hold on to as excuses for not upping their style game. So, it’s time for some myth busting – let’s set the record straight once and for all.


1. Men can’t wear pink

Visit any major city in Italy and you’ll notice that men wear as much color as the women. They key is to choose washed-out, soft shades – such as lavender pink or cherry blossom. I’m happy to see that more men have been embracing pink recently as it’s such an empowering color which makes you stand out. My advice would be to pick one slightly bolder shade – as a polo or shirt - and team with more traditional colors.


2. Trends are important

To me, dressing tastefully always wins from being ‘on trend’. Trendy clothes are made to become quickly obsolete – they’re rarely built to last. This doesn’t go with my view of clothing, which is supposed to be enjoyed for a long time. So I’d say: invest in sturdy, high-quality clothing made and tailored in a classic, enduring style. Once you have a steady wardrobe, you can always mix it up with a few trendy items if you please. But remember: taste never goes out of style, trends do.


3. Don’t wear white in winter

Please do wear white in winter! Just because your skin might not be as tanned and glowing, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy white in a fashionable way during winter. Mixing white with light grey or camel results in a super classy look – one of my personal favorites.


4. You need to have a great body to look good

I’d say: you need to have a great tailor to look good 😉 They key to looking good lies in knowing what kind of clothes suit your body type. For example, skinny men with slim limbs want more ‘volume’, while broad men with some more weight in the midsection want slimming styles. My task as a tailor is to camouflage your ‘lesser areas’ and highlight the parts of your body your most proud of.

5. Only shallow men care about style

It’s a noble idea to think that people are smart enough to judge your character, not your looks. Sadly that’s just not the reality in most situations. People often have to make decision about you before they’ve had time to get to know you – and so your appearance will play a leading role. We’re a very visual species, so embrace that.


Till next time,
Your tailor

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