Throughout its history , the relationship with our customers has always been very important. In the past 50 years, Butch tailors has taken every opportunity to enhance its experience in the world of tailoring and share this with its customers allover the world.
The result is expressed in a number of creative surprises through fit and choice of fabrics .

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During this wedding season, being single and ready to mingle isn't the easiest situation to be in. And wearing the right suit to a wedding can mean the difference between charming the bridesmaids and lonesomely listening to grandma about the issues of aging (and not being ready to mingle). So here's why a tailor-made suit should be hanging in your closet this summer:

Love at First Suit

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When taking a plane, the departure is only the beginning of the journey. In this sense, getting yourself measured and buying your first tailored suit is comparable to your personal departure in style: it's the beginning of a never-ending journey.

The Perfect Shirt: A Smooth Lift-Off to Success

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