After the opening of Butch London, there hasn’t been a moment to stand still and smell the roses. My son and I have been working tirelessly to make an impact on the traditional market, and stand out by pleasantly surprising people with not only the best service in town but also by creating suits that can stand the test of time. But sometimes, one has to smell the roses. This is how the Flying Tailors combine business with pleasure. London’s calling!




As simple as that, I step out of the train in our brand-new wrinkle-free shirt, a travel blazer and my favorite pair of classic chinos. I would love to share some details about the train and attire, but no time to waste!

(You can still read this article, which goes in-depth in how to perfectly travel in style).  


After an hour of traffic – yes, work was definitely done – the day starts at our home away from home – the Arts Club in the middle of Mayfair. Straight to business, we met up with our newest tailoring partner for Butch London, who was in the midst of perfecting a custom-tailored suit. Without wasting time, I and my son give our feedback, and within an hour (or two) it’s on to the next meeting.


After an effective meeting, we met with world champion bartender Erik Lorincz. One has to eat, which was why we discussed a potential collaboration during late-lunch and followed this up with a handmade, unconstructed travel blazer fit for a champ’. Good to know: this young talent ran the best bar in town at the Savoy Hotel, but will stop his work here at the end of this month to open his own bar and eventually a restaurant. Exciting and inspiring!


Next stop: We sat down with Aline Vandecasteele of Another A Story, who works with brands like Ruinart and LVMH, to discuss a potential collaboration. This Flemish connection originally came from Kortrijk, so it wasn’t difficult to find a connection. While I can’t say much about the meeting – a gentleman never kisses and tells – it was productive, to say the least. Afterward, we walked around the neighborhood to find a potential office location in Mayfair. 


It’s perhaps late, but business never rests. A loyal customer of hours, perhaps one of our favorites, got his suit hand delivered by father and son. After a small chat and a long day, we concluded this day with dinner at Scott’s. As we’re friends of the owner, we had a seat reserved outside. The weather was incredible, especially as one has to consider that we’re still in the winter season.


After a rewarding conversation with my son about the business side, we went for a few gin & tonic cocktails at the Savoy Hotel. It’s so important to enjoy the little spare time you have, especially when it’s with your family. One more rum to go!


Business never sleeps, but it’s important for us to still try and get some shuteye. After preparing everything for the next morning – preparation is everything – I took some time to meditate and contemplate the day. Whilst looking over the cityscape, it’s a great realization to know that you’re able to work at such a top level and still not feel like you work a day in your life.




After finishing my morning routine, I went down to the restaurant to have an incredibly productive breakfast at the Arts Club. A great start of the day is very important, so breakfast can literally make or ‘break’ your day.


Erik Lorincz met up with us to see if his unconstructed, tailored travel blazer fitted well. After writing down the few adjustments that had to be done, we had all the information to perfect the blazer. To be continued.


Before catching my train, we went to a pop-up on Savile Row called ‘Permanent Style’. The pop-up shop, now its fourth incarnation, will be on Savile Row for two weeks from February 19th. Highly recommend it! 


After another successful trip, I say goodbye to my son and try to catch my train.


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