A new year’s trip to Dubai

2021 started off well for me with a luxurious work trip to Dubai. There I met my newest client and he’s quite someone special. As the founder of the project developing company Emaar, this man is famous for creating the largest building in the world: the Burj Khalifa

Whenever I get the chance to go Dubai, I take it. And as such, on the first day of 2021 I found myself on a flight to this fascinating city in the Arabian Desert. For me, Dubai is the ideal location to combine work and pleasure. The nature alone is stunning and the climate is a treat (coming from wintery Europe). Also I appreciate how Dubai managed to create a unique identity as a destination. Yes, it’s exclusive, yes, it’s shiny and yes, it’s excessive, but this superficiality is balanced by interesting galleries, souks, cosy teahouses and fine Arab cuisine.


Highest tower

This time, I met up with the founder of Emaar Properties. His company developed various houses and offices in Dubai, but he is most famous for the Burj Khalifa. This tower measures 828 meters and is the highest building in the world. As one might expect, the man himself has quite the aura as well. With his particular physique, he couldn’t find what he was looking for in the selection of even the most known couture houses. So luckily, a friend of his told him about me and… here we are.


Light shirts

Considering Dubai’s desert climate, I advised my client to invest in breathable shirts and pants. Light fabrics work well. Shoes-wise, loafers without socks (a favorite of mine regardless of weather conditions) are the ideal choice. This way of dressing of course also applies to the surrounding countries, like Qatar and Kuwait (where I already dress the royal family). This region is known for its luxury corporate sector and holds many opportunities for hotel-related projects. So the Middle East it’s an extremely interesting destination for me and establishing my business there even more, is one of my goals for 2021.

Great starting point

Could I live in Dubai? Despite of its lively expat community, great infrastructure and modern feel, I don’t think so. But I greatly enjoy being there a week at a time every once in a while. It’s the perfect starting point to discover more of the Middle East, I’d say.

Until next time,

Your tailor

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