Beating the jetlag in style

After all these years of constant travel, I switch between different time-zones as easily as I change shoes. Flying has become second nature to me – and it can be for you, too.

Whether I’m on my way to a different continent or simply ‘hopping’ within Europe, my number one rule of thumb is to dress comfortably. Luckily, with today’s fabric innovations, flexibility and ease go hand in hand with a stylish appearance. Many fabrics (partly) include stretch, without showing it. Jeans these days basically feel like pyjamas! My preferred ‘flying uniform’ consists out of a classic looking shirt made from piqué, a skinny jeans and a nonchalant jacket. A bag is not for me (maybe a carry-on if I’m on a long-haul flight); instead, I keep my passport and phone in the pockets of my jacket.


A plane fast

Once I’ve entered the plane, I’m fast to succumb to the best entertainment out there: no, I’m not talking movies here, I’m talking sleep! I’ve trained myself to fall asleep the moment I land on my seat and I only wake up once the wheels of the plane have touched ground again. ‘Zzzz’ is the only sound my travel companions hear during those hours… This of course also means that I don’t eat while flying – no matter how tasty the food looks or smells. Nothing but water enters my stomach on a flight; it’s supposed to be a stewardess secret. Basically, at superhigh altitude, your digestive system shuts down completely, so you shouldn’t tire it with preserved and oversalted plane food. Instead, I go for a fabulous breakfast, lunch or dinner (depends on the time-zone) when I land.


Vitamin C and meditation

Flying in and out of cities, countries and continents is a way of life for me. Of course, it’s quite intensive lifestyle which can affect your health. Did you know that the chances of catching a cold are 100 times more on a plane? Therefore it’s important to build healthy routines and habits to keep as fit as possible. My morning routine isn’t finished without a vitamin C tablet and whenever I can, I try to squeeze in a swimming session. Lastly some meditation calms the mind and boosts clarity of thinking. Mens sana in corpore sano: a healthy mind in a healthy body – it’s the foundation for all other things in life…

Till next time,
Your tailor

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