My Must Do's In New York

Dynamic, magnetic, energetic: I’m sure you can guess which metropole I’m talking about… Absolutely: New YorkNew York! I visit this vivacious city about 4 times a year and it’s safe to say that it’s my ‘home away from home’ by now. From food to art: let me share my favorites with you…
Visiting NYC as a tourist is one thing, but being able to establish a successful business in this ever so ambitious city is another… Thanks to my ever-growing circle of clients-turned-friends there, consisting of architects, bloggers, art dealers and hotel tycoons, my suits have gained presence in the Big Apple, too. Every time that I’m there, I feel really at ease: it’s almost like a second home. This not only has to do with seeing dear and familiar faces, but also with me having created a ‘routine’ of places that I always visit and things I always do during my days in New York.

Start your day with green juice

First off: the neighborhood. Upper East Side is where I feel my best. It’s known for its chic restaurants, designer shops and, architecturally speaking, has an interesting mix between classical brown stone houses and luxurious skyscrapers. My preferred hotel, The Mark, is located here. Exclusive furnishings and artwork characterize this lavish hotel. When I wake up in the morning, I get a green juice before breakfast at Serafina Juice Bar. It energizes me for the day and gives me that well-needed vitamin-boost!
Jean-Michel Basquiat: La Hara (1981) 

Guggenheim never fails to inspire

Next up I either have a meeting with some clients (either old or new; I’m in the lucky position of being introduced to new, interesting people every time I’m in New York) or there is some free time to do some urban exploring. During my most recent trip to NYC, I ended up taking in some quality art at the Guggenheim: one of my favorite museums of all time, period. The building is unique, as is the permanent collection. This time there was a temporary exhibition of Basquiat’s work on view. Seeing such dynamic work of a true visionary left me feeling incredibly inspired – art simply has that effect… 

Meditate in the park

If there’s time, I like to wander through Central Park and squeeze in a little meditation. It clears my mind and heightens my focus. Sant Ambroeus, an Italian restaurant known for its fabulous espresso, is my go-to for lunch meetings. Then: work, before the sun settles down and its time to enjoy dinner again. I always have great fun eating out at Harry Cipriani’s near the Plaza Hotel; though Casa Lever is fantastic, too. The walls of this Italian restaurant are decorated with Andy Warhol’s silkscreens for a truly stylish dining experience. 
As Mr. Sinatra once said: Those little town blues are melting away… They sure do, in old New YorkNew York
Till soon, Your tailor

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