Designing for women

Gentlemen’s wear is my forte, however, style has become more androgynous these past years. That’s why I started designing for women, too.

As you may know, I frequently collaborate with hotels around the world. It’s very special to see how staff of luxury hotels in US, Turkey and Dubai are wearing uniforms that are designed by me. I still have to pinch myself sometimes… The interesting thing about such projects, is that I am asked to design for not just men, but women too.

Shirt dress

Recently I was asked to design uniforms for a renowned luxury resort in Turkey. We chose natural fabrics like linen and stone colors that ooze a bohemian chic feel. When making the transition from the men’s clothes to the uniforms for the female employees, I was inspired by the concept of androgyny. Basically, females are wearing a male’s shirt, but by making it longer and adding a belt, it turned into a shirt dress. Simple but chic.

Power suits

Throughout my career I sometimes got asked ‘Will you eventually start designing clothes for women too?’. This question popped up even more when a few years back women started dressing in fits that were more manly. More and more women discovered how great they looked in a ‘power suit’. As I adore women and want to enable them to be ambitious, I designed three suits to make them feel and look great.


I wanted to create a versatile ‘mini collection’ of female suits that can be worn in any context. The sand colored suit made from a quality corduroy has a soft feel and looks incredibly stylish. The grey suit playfully interprets a classical print: checks. And thirdly, the white suit with a double row of buttons is incredibly sophisticated and will make the female wearing it, the center of attention. All three jackets beautifully accentuate the waist; I’m sure women will feel confident and feminine wearing it.

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