How Menswear is Making a Comeback

The last few years, fashion has urbanized. Streetwear was omnipresent, and brands like OFF WHITE and Nike were making weekly headway with a new sneaker release or streetwear collection. Even appointing Virgil Abloh as Menswear Designer at Louis Vuitton or the rise of A Cold Wall as a high-end fashion brand is a telling of the times. But it seems, as always, that times are changing (yet again).


This PITTI and fashion week season, we've seen major changes in the styles shown on the catwalk. But more than that, the streets are seeing these changes as well. London and Milan both showed a more balanced offering, not only based on urban influences, but also in the more sartorial side that Butch Tailors is part of.

Statements that further prove this sentiment are articles posted by Business of Fashion and the Financial Times, in which both titles reported that "In Milan, The Menswear Bubble Has Bursted" and that the menswear market in the UK is anticipated to grow 11% in the next three years - a 17.1 billion pounds industry of which Butch Tailors will be part of due to the launch of our new office in London.

"The UK market in Menswear alone is worth £15bn; a further 11% growth is anticipated over the next three years, to £17.1bn. It is expected to outperform womenswear entirely by 2020." - Financial Times

In no way does this foretell the end of streetwear. To come back to OFF WHITE and the talented Virgil Abloh, his impact on Louis Vuitton has already shown to bring a younger audience to the high-end fashion segment. And there's no sign of stopping, as the polymath designer has recently announced an exclusive collaboration with Mr. Porter, completely based on workwear and taking nods from sartorial dressing.

The same could be said for the changing of the guards at GQ, where Will Welch was just introduced as the next Editor in Chief, replacing Jim Nelson and stating that it's a new era for them - not just based on suits. After the #Menswear phase, we were treated to an overdose on streetwear.

And now that the menswear branch is maturing, we're seeing things even out. It's in this balance between casualwear, sartorial wear and streetwear where everyone prospers. And it's because of this that Butch Tailors will also introduce both a wrinkle-free dress shirt and tailored jeans, diversifying the brand offering in 2019.

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