How to dress well: tips every man should know (part 2)

Some rules in life are limiting, others are there to help. Here are another 5 pieces of style advice that act as a failsafe guide on how to dress well today.

In continuation of part 1 of this blogpost…

6. Don’t overdo the accessories

Ties, pocket squares, watches, glasses: they all bring a sense of individuality to classic clothing, but make sure you know how to use them. Don’t match them up and don’t overdo it – when it comes to accessories, think less is more. When nonchalance is what you’re going for, you only need one point of interest.

7. Make layers your best mates

Layering your clothes will not only keep you warm, it will also give you a chance to show your unique sense of style. If you’re feeling bold, try contrasting items that belong to different styles. For example, experiment with wearing a performance or outdoor jacket over a suit.

8. Always choose the right fit

Often, the key to looking good is choosing clothes that fit well. For example, your shirt shouldn’t be ballooning around your body (unless ‘oversized’ is the look you’re very consciously going for). The shirt should be a close fit but not too tight regardless of your size. Your sleeves should fit the same way.

9. Ask for a second or a third opinion

It’s always a good idea to get someone’s else’s thoughts on your newest closet additions. Whether it’s your wife, girlfriend or friend: don’t be afraid to ask their opinion. It will give you a better understanding of what fits your body type best and maybe even inspire you to try on clothes you didn’t think of before.

10. Work with a tailor

Yes, this truly is the easiest way to look your best 24/7, all year long. A tailor will get to know your body type, your style and desires and will set you up with clothes that fit exactly the way you want them to.

Until next time,

Your tailor

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