How to get spring ready in 3 steps

After a bitter winter, it’s (almost) time to store away the chunky wool sweaters and hang up the heavy coats. These 3 big style rules will get your wardrobe spring ready in no time.

1. Switch to spring fabrics

With the exception of a few chilly nights, you won’t have any need for heavy blazers or cable knit sweaters. It’s time to swap in spring fabrics! If you’re shopping for new items, opt for breathable fabrics like cotton, linen and silk. A fine cotton sweater, for example, will be perfect for layering on chilly days without breaking a sweat. And your formal wool trousers can make room for a cotton chino, which comes off a bit more casual.


2. Opt for lighter colors

After wearing navy, black, brown and charcoal for many months, it can be a bit daunting to include more colors in your looks again. So go slow. For example, start with a classic grey before branching out to another neutral like beige or even a soft pink. Also, if you’ve been wearing lots of dark indigo, switch to a shade or two lighter (washed blue in this case) for an instant spring palette. So no, you don’t necessarily need to go for bright, crazy colors in spring.


3. Get layering

Spring can surprise you with tricky transitional weather, so make sure to master the art of layering to keep you warm. The standard formula would be something like this: start with a base layer (a standard undershirt), choose your shirt, add a sweater if needed and top it off with a blazer or a vest. This is a fun way to mix and match your favorites. Along with warmth, layering will give your look added depth and will help you stand out.


Until next time,

your tailor

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