Keeping your business going during a pandemic

Running a business can be hectic even without a global pandemic. Luckily, there is still a lot you can do to make sure your business gets through this unprecedented crisis.

Obviously, the corona crisis had (and is still having) a huge impact on the retail industry worldwide. Butch Tailors too had to close its shops. Already very soon in the pandemic, I knew I had to shift my focus to other ways of doing business to keep Butch Tailors going. And that’s exactly what, in my eyes, characterizes successful businessmen: the degree to which you are open to modify your business when the circumstances ask for it. 


Worldwide projects

You were able to read in a previous blog how, due to traveling restrictions, we kept in touch with our clients via WhatsApp. This worked very well and it allowed me to keep my client relations healthy. Now that retail was pushed to the background of our business model, I decided to focus on various worldwide projects instead. For instance, we will be collaborating with Bentley and Lamborghini. The idea is to design ‘the perfect travel blazer’, which will be delivered to clients as they receive their new car.


Yachts and private jets

Next up, we will be designing clothes for staff of different hotel groups, for instance in Turkey. We also received a similar request from a famous restaurant in Dubai. And in the previous months, we created staff outfits for a gorgeous yacht in Australia. Lastly, a Belgian private jet company asked Butch Tailors to dress its 80 pilots. These are all such wonderful projects and I’m massively grateful to (already existing) clients for spreading my name and supporting me.


Outside the box

A crisis like a pandemic can destroy your business, but it can also spark your creativity in completely new ways. Corporate projects like the ones mentioned before are fantastic in uncertain times like these, because you know exactly the cost and revenue that is involved. My advise to other business owners would be to definitely not just do nothing and to think outside the box. And secondly, to use your network to your advantage. You might feel as if you’re an isolated island right now, but remember: we’re in this together.


Until next time,

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