Looking ahead to the new year

No one could have predicted the turmoil that 2020 would bring. Simultaneously, it was also a time in which we refocused on the basis: kindness and gratefulness for what we do have. Now that 2021 is upon us, I’m determined to enter the new year with a positive mindset and plenty of goals.

2020 was definitely challenging – for most people, including myself. However, I feel we at Butch Tailors made the most of it. As I already told you, I believe that each crisis brings along new opportunities. We chose to use the time to reflect on our vision and in the end made some necessary changes within our companies structure. Down-sizing was part of it, but also we had to amp our digital game. Thanks to our clever use of Whatsapp, I was able to stay in touch with my clients worldwide and take on orders.



I believe that we will look back on 2020 as a year of rapid, global change. The pandemic has propelled the use of technology for everything. We have a new found appreciation for the health care workers and see how important it is to have functioning health care system. We are better prepared for the next disaster. And, as we had to isolate ourselves and miss our dear ones, we realize how precious time is and that we should spend it with people we love.



I already had massive appreciation for my clients and in 2020, this has increased even more. I have come to realize that the relationship between a tailor and his clients is what my job, in the end, is all about. My ultimate goal is to have my clients’ backs – crisis or no crisis. In turn, they offer me their support, faith and loyalty and I couldn’t be more grateful for it!


Back to being the Flying Tailor

It can feel daunting to set new goals and plans for a new year when 2020 was such an unpredictable ride. Nevertheless, I am positive that things will slowly but surely normalize again. Whenever it’s safe to travel, my plan is to firstly visit clients in Europe (Paris, London, Zurich, Geneva), then kickstart various hotel related projects in Turkey and finally spend some time in New York and Miami. ‘The flying Tailor’ can’t wait to live up to his name once again…

Thank you all for your support and partnership in 2020. Here’s to a wonderful and successful 2021!

Your tailor

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