Shades of grey

Oh, January: the greyest month of them all… Although grey may not be my favorite color weather-wise, it sure is a winner in terms of fashion.


It certainly is no surprise that I consider blue to be the de factor color for forming the basis of a tailored wardrobe. However, charcoal grey is just about as versatile as navy blue: it is a classic tone, but can also have a contemporary, urban edge if you wear it well. The one advantage that grey has over blue? It can add a little more age to a younger man, while navy suits make a man look younger. Here is my take on wearing grey: a color that looks just as good on cloudy days as it does on sunny ones.


1. Pair grey with brown

Brown and grey are both in the ‘neutral family’ and somehow make the most striking combination. Brown is generally a warmer tone, whereas grey is generally a cooler tone: this contrast works really well. A good combination would be to pair a softer grey suit darker brown accessories, such as suede shoes or a belt. If there isn’t enough contrast between your brown and your grey, your outfit might end up looking muddy.


2. Pick out accents

Grey creates a flat, neutral background: the perfect grounding for pops of color. My favorite complementary color for grey, is off-white. It’s another neutral tone and looks very harmonious and classy combined with grey. Good places for an off-white accent are accessories such as pocket squares. The pale shade of grey also works perfectly with a white shirt for a minimal and elegant look. Finish it off with a classic, gold watch for a touch of class.


3. Play with texture

A sober look consisting of only greys-on-grey is another one of my favorites. To enliven a monochrome outfit, make sure to play around with textures. For instance, combine a heavy overcoat with a soft jacket, worn over a woolen cardigan. The differing materials add a richness and dimensionality to what is sometimes considered a rather flat color.


4. Don’t do this though…

A classic style ‘don’t’: pairing a grey suit with a black shirt. For formal, evening affairs this combo might be ‘doable’ (as your last option, that is), but is a definite no-go for daywear. Especially if you have a lighter skin tone, this outfit will appear heavy and moody: unless that’s what you’re going for, I’d say skip it. A lighter shirt color provides more contrast and is much more complementary to your overall look.


Till next time, Your tailor

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