Gentle Manifesto: a sartorial fit guide for the eligeble Suit Virgins

The journey to your first suit is an emotional one. As with everything, make sure it's the right fit. There is always a first time. The first time a man feels what it’s like to wear a custom-made suit. He will feel there is a spectacular sensation to breathe, live and think within a suit that was made especially for him. Only for him, not for just anyone out of a thousands who picked it from a rack and tried it on.  However, without the right guidance, finding the perfect fit is like searching for a needle in a haystack....

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Book: Mr Blue

Have you met ‘Mr. Blue’? Master tailor Dominique Vindevogel launches his sartorial guide for the modern nomadic gentleman Dominique Vindevogel, known as the driving force behind bespoke suit label Butch Tailors, launches a book on the importance of a well-tailored suit. Much more than a what-to-wear guide, the book covers Vindevogel’s sartorial experiences through his personal stories, favorite locations and unique tailoring tips in over more than 70 pages. On December 13th Dominique Vindevogel presented his book Mr. Blue, a sartorial guide for the modern nomadic gentleman. The launch took place in The Arts Club, an exclusive institution in the...

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