A tailor is basically a well-dressed psychologist, and here’s why…

Of course, as a tailor, fabrics, cuts, trims and colors are my game – no surprise here. But the human-side of it all is equally as important.
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The Big Trip: Clients from India to Madrid

I take pride in knowing so many excellent, heart-warming people and call them not only my clients but friends. But when you get an invite from the Indian Adani family, you know things will get very special.
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The Winter Wedding

Figuring out what to wear for a winter wedding is more often than not a complete pain in the backside. While I can’t advise on how penny-pinching or royal you should go for the gift, I can advise on how to conquer the winter wedding attire. 

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Working in the Sky:
The Mobile Office of the Flying Tailor

Most clients I meet rarely have to go far for my services. I am the flying tailor, after all. Top service and a dash of luxury have always made the cocktail for the flying tailor concept. 
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The Sartorial Trends for FW19

Based on the Third Law by Newton – the one that states for every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction – many are considering that the ubiquity of streetwear is giving way to tradition and that suits and ties could soon rule the roost again.
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